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2009, Feburary 28th Chatlog: Newspaper Meeting Minutes

Nanouk_Metal: anyone saving the chat ?
Theremin: OK, let's get started! /me pounds gavel
Theremin: I need a volunteer to save the chat.
Szark: Save button for the chat is just above where you type in to
ghaelen: I can save it and then what do I do with it?
Theremin: Good question. Guild book maybe?
Szark: Post it in a Tread in the Non private Newspaper section. Might have to start a new thread
Szark: or Guild book
ghaelen: ok
Theremin: Sounds good, then we can comment additionally
Theremin: ...the thread
ghaelen: Meeting Minutes
Theremin: Perfect!
Szark: New Guild book in Newspaper Discussions then
Theremin: LOL very good. How's the new wiki going for everyone?
Szark: ok Chat log sorted next
Nanouk_Metal: Szark has a Guild Book obsession. lol
Szark: yes I do

Leonardo: lol...let him play with his new toy, Nanouk :D
Nanouk_Metal: new wiki much better for me
Sophia: :)
Theremin: Nanouk has the floor, elaborate for us.
Szark: not my new toy its all yours as well
Szark: sorry go on nanouk
Nanouk_Metal: New wiki very easy to understand
ghaelen: I'm just learning how to use it
Theremin: ghaelen, anything frustrating for you?
ghaelen: no, I'm just slow
Nanouk_Metal: But I have not try to write a text yet. lol
Theremin: Szark is the expert, we'll leave him out! Leo?
ghaelen: I am interested to see how it renders into a .pub or pdf, and if that process will change or no
Nanouk_Metal: only edited one Szark late News. lol
Szark: no change to assembly
Leonardo: I like it...I'm adding just now a page
ghaelen: ok
Theremin: ghaelen, we'll be very interested to know how that works out, especially if we can streamline it in any way.
Leonardo: ok....it's up under Explorer's Lounge
Szark: what we have to think of is Blu when copying text. Keep it simple as possible
Theremin: Thanks Leo, I'll take a look later. :)
ghaelen: yes, Theremin, me too. When I am better versed, we might try a practice doc just to see
Nanouk_Metal: I have not seen Explorer Lounge yet
Nanouk_Metal: how do I get there ?
Szark: Explorers' Lounge is a newspaper section
Theremin: Good point Szark, do we want to include formatting in the articles, or just leave notes as to the formatting we want?
Nanouk_Metal: ok, will check later
Szark: Newspaper Disscussions Marh nespaper and follow the links
Szark: Theremin No keep fomatting to there baer min
Leonardo: I think we should leave the formatting to blu...she knows what has to be made Italic, bold, underlined, what size, etc
Szark: notes are better
Theremin: ...such as [bold] This should be bold! [/bold]
Szark: As I said the comments for artciles are now visable
ghaelen: so, she'll do it the same way she did before?
Szark: Bold yes
Sophia: that might be translated, better use ( )
Szark: Italics yes
Szark: What we need to do is have some guide lines of what is required like what I did on the other Wiki
Theremin: gp Sophia, but I didn't want to confuse when we want to actually use parenthesis (know what I mean?)
ghaelen: I am so dazzled at what Sophia has done here I thought maybe she gave blue a magic button that rendered from wiki-to-publisher or something.
Szark: Yes ghaelen
Sophia: lol yes :)
Szark: ghaelen: so, she'll do it the same way she did before? Yes ghaelen
Theremin: should have said [bold] (Know what I mean?) [/bold]
Szark: Yes those simple things like Bold and italics anr standard for all programs but as some of you have found out.....
Szark: that tranfering formatting can be a pain
ghaelen: ok, then things will be the same for me, too. And if I can keep using the publisher plugin (looks hopeful at Theremin) minor edits and last minute changes will take very little time.
Szark: the same when coping from this site in to Microsoft
Szark: thought I can copy and paste plain text if I want to
Szark: yes ghaelen
ghaelen: is now fat and happy
Theremin: ghaelen, if that works for you, I've been very happy with the results.
Szark: I am only taking abot the pages with the articles one btw
Szark: Bad spelling day today sorry
Theremin: I (and anyone else who wants to) can look into some alternative programs as well to accomplish this, in the event blu or ghaelen is unavailable at press time.
ghaelen: thanks, Theremin, and now I can pick up some of the work from blu, too, in regard to editing. The little changes are easier for me to do myself once I get the pub file.
ghaelen: I'm going to experiment with Open Office a bit
Szark: I heard fron Blu today and she is happy so far we can adjust as we go
ghaelen: ok
Theremin: I was thinking exactly that, ghaelen!
Leonardo: I don't think Open Office will open pub files...IIRC I tried some time ago
Theremin: My thought is not limiting these jobs to people who have to buy a program.
Szark: so as it stands you are all ok with the Newspaper process?
Theremin: We've elected you the new Editor-in-Chief!
Al'Kaera: Can't be here long, I'll just listen. Carry on YO!
Theremin: First, any comments/problems with Wiki?
Theremin: ...from Al?
Szark: Theremin: We've elected you the new Editor-in-Chief! does
that mean I can be just Photographer then
Theremin: ...it's up to Al...
Al'Kaera: I'll go hide now.        
Szark: So Al'k is the new Editor in chief??
Theremin: OK, I think the Wiki is working out nicely.
Al'Kaera: Theremin is just looking for a fight Szark.
Theremin: At least maybe Guest Editor for an upcoming issue? Al?
Szark: I am game just don't shoot me
Al'Kaera: The wiki is ALREADY better than the other one.
Szark: Shall I e-mail Marten and let him know then
Al'Kaera: Szark and I like it A lot and have a lot done not even
counting the newspaper.
Al'Kaera: I'd wait on that Szark.
Theremin: How about content? Lilyflower has expressed an
interest in writing an article.
Leonardo: He'll see when he comes back...we went away for
thinking, not just because we didn't like the Wiki    
l'Kaera: Maybe Marten will come back and decide he likes it here
Leonardo: *he went*
Theremin: A little break is good for everyone.
Theremin: Natales is also writing an article.
Theremin: Does anyone feel like they'd want to do more, or less?
Szark: please say more
Theremin: Try their hand at something different?
Al'Kaera: raises hand.
Nanouk_Metal: I cannot do less. lol
Leonardo: I may be busier in the times to come and I don't know if I'll be able to translate the Newspaper
Theremin: Al has the floor, speak up
Al'Kaera: I'm already doing more.
Al'Kaera: Tutorials with Szark...
Al'Kaera: Moving info from wiki here....
Al'Kaera: Working out little kinks with Sophia about the website etc...
Al'Kaera: Forum and website Admin... that's enough by itself.
Sophia: nodded at Al'K not Nanouk lol
Szark: yes Al'k is doing a good job of finding holes in the site
Al'Kaera: I like being the admin.
Szark: good
Al'Kaera: I like you guys abusing the Admin.
ghaelen: I may take up another task, but I probably won't have said I would do it officially because that would be too much like committment. After I'm doing it, then I'll accept the job. Right now I'm still wearing too many hats elsewhere.
Theremin: This is kind of the idea to be a "guest" whatever.
Al'Kaera: And I have 'power' in the ROLE as Admin. There is now power in tut writing.
Al'Kaera: no power in tuts
Theremin: Not to commit to the job but to assist someone
Al'Kaera: Nor Newspaper interviews etc. just deadlines.
Szark: Yes Theremin to give others a go at something new
Szark: even once
Al'Kaera: So I think right now I'm doing plenty for me and for the rest of you.
Theremin: If you'll recall, I was promised when I was co-editor all I'd do was help the Editor.
Szark: yep
Al'Kaera: Yeah, we know how long that lasted eh?
ghaelen: yeah, I watched that happen, Theremin, lol. I learned from you.
Theremin: Then suddenly...
Leonardo: lol....but then the editor ran away
Szark: but unlike you I will not never accept the Editors job
Al'Kaera: Was Lynnutte the original editor IC
Szark: yes
Theremin: Szark is interviewing me for his "Nightmares" series... LOL
Szark: lol
ghaelen: lol
Nanouk_Metal: Me learning Forums moderation and helping new members. lol
Szark: good idea
Al'Kaera: Do you think she would mind being Co-Editor for a while?
Al'Kaera: Let Szark off the hook.
Al'Kaera: Isn't she still doing a lot with taking care of her dad?
Theremin: If she and Szark want, I don't have a problem.
Szark: lol I am happy looking out making things are in the right place and so on. me happy
Leonardo: I have to go now....guests are here and dinner is almost ready. Cya all and have a good meeting!!! :grin:
Sophia: I'm happy watching you all be happy :D
Szark: but I will never stop anyone from doing it if they want to
Al'Kaera: You are REALLY trying to give that job up huh Theremin?
Theremin: No, I just don't want anyone to feel that I'm "King of the Hill".
Szark: the way you work never Theremin
Al'Kaera: Seriously... I was given ONE chance at 'editing'. I fell flat on that. Had no clue. so quit asking me.
Szark: Team player if I have ever seen one
Szark: I mean it makes people inclusive in the Paper
Nanouk_Metal: If you like troubles, make me Chief Editor. lol
Theremin: Nanouk, want to Guest Edit?
Nanouk_Metal: no way, that was a joke
Theremin: looks sad
Nanouk_Metal: I have enough problems with my WorkPad.lol
Theremin: Al, interviews are tough. You did an excellent job on that article.
Szark: So Theremin were you just sounding out the room or are you thinking of stepping down??
Theremin: What works best in a "volunteer" type of organization, is if many people are able to handle many tasks.
Al'Kaera: Everyone who is involved, about a dozen of us out of 200, are in this boat. One steers, some row, some bail, some fish, and some sunbathe, we all get tanned just the same.
Al'Kaera: I'll row or bail. It's busier.
Szark: I appreciate that but Editing is a rare quality like Webmasters
Al'Kaera: That is right Szark. Talent given or learned over time.
Theremin: True, but I'm still learning the editing profession from those who are better than me.
Al'Kaera: OK folks, birthday party time. Really must go.
Sophia: Sadly the GoMe is so small, would be wonderful if you got more people involved and feel commited
Szark: Yes I and you take peoples ideas and thoughts onboard, you adpted to this situation.
Al'Kaera: Don't give Szark and me all the work. :read:
Al'Kaera: I'll catch up with the recording.
Al'Kaera: Bye BYe
Theremin: To answer your question Szark, I'm not planning on stepping down anytime soon.
Theremin: Although I have been secretly training someone (without their knowledge) to take over in a crisis.
Szark: k
Szark: yeah subtle wasn't it
Theremin: hehe
Nanouk_Metal: cannot guess who is the trainee
Szark: me see more than you might think
Theremin: talk about me for a minute, I'll be right back...
Nanouk_Metal: not surprise then. lol
Szark: ok
ghaelen: After we are finished, how much of the chatter should I leave in the chat log?
ghaelen: and, should I use tags so the post isn't a long one?
Nanouk_Metal: I'd say minimum
ghaelen: k
Theremin: I'm back. Edit out the junk, keep it short
ghaelen: k
Szark: Business as much as you can without spending hours getting every line out
Theremin: secretly training another editor
Nanouk_Metal: or strike out name of people not here
Szark: Whats next boss
Theremin: I think that's all the semi-important stuff.
Theremin: Szark will set the next meeting
Theremin: These are very informal
Nanouk_Metal: ok
Szark: I have had an idea...........
Theremin: Let him know any topics you may want to discuss
Nanouk_Metal: impossible
Theremin: What is it, Szark?
Szark: Golden KI comp was quite popular.
Szark: I was thinkingthat we could do something similar with both the paper and the Website
Nanouk_Metal: I have a thread of winners...lol
Szark: do our own version
Theremin: I'm not familiar with Golden KI, but I always like trying new things.
Szark: you’ve done it know I can't type
Szark: Golden KI was a picture comp done by DWPR GOA
Nanouk_Metal: Golden KI images for the best picture of the month
Szark: People would submit, be judged and then published
Theremin: I'm liking this already...
Nanouk_Metal: lol
Szark: I have thought of how yet but I wanted to throw it out there
Theremin: Sorta like the Holiday Picture contest?
Szark: yep but monthly
Szark: bi monthly
Nanouk_Metal: hoping we get more entries...lol
Theremin: For sure, Nanouk!
Szark: yes nanouk I was thinking if people get used to a regular then we might get more
Szark: brb
Nanouk_Metal: bi monthly better
Nanouk_Metal: it would give them time for hunting
Theremin: Not to step on toes (Szark) but if we were to announce it with a really cool photo...
Theremin: ...I'm thinking one of yours Nanouk, you've got some great shots.
Szark: no stepping there boss
Nanouk_Metal: I have a very rare one ready
Szark: nice idea
Szark: Can I start a thread and we can put ideas there
Theremin: Yeah Szark, good call.
Szark: Also did anyone see this http://mystonline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=17125&highlight
Szark: I have asked if I can do an article on it.
Theremin: Don't click the link, you'll leave the chat...
Szark: right click and open in new window
Nanouk_Metal: I did click and am still here
Theremin: Ah! Learned something!
ghaelen: that is cute!
Szark: I liked that thread
Nanouk_Metal: I have no children so... I feel lucky...lol
Szark: niether do I but Myst and Education I think is great
 Szark: even at aged 3
 Nanouk_Metal: I agree. Children like being different at times
Theremin: OK, I may have to cut out in a couple of minutes here.
Nanouk, maybe you'd want to give Szark a hand with the Golden KI stuff?
 Nanouk_Metal: no problem with that


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